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The Iranian Saeqeh (Thunderbolt) fighter jet

Iran inaugurates nation's first unmanned bomber PDF AP 22.08.2010

Iran begins manufacture of military helicopter PDF By: Iranian-Shi'ite on: 25.05.2009

Iran Starts Production of Stealth Fighter Jets PDF 2008-07-16

Iran to Display 3rd Generation of Home-Made Fighter Jet PDF 2007-09-21

Iran flies new version of fighter interceptor PDF By: fars news on: 07.08.2007

Iran Wants 250 Russian Heavy Fighters PDF By: fromPortugal on: 26.07.2007

Iran to hold military exercises in August -- Defense Minister PDF By: KUNA on: 18.07.2007

Iran TV broadcasts 'US ship spy plane footage' PDF Nov 11, 2006

Iran to Manufacture a New Jet Fighter PDF 2006-09-12


We’ve built a flying saucer, boasts Iran (even if it does look like it belongs in a 1950s B-movie) PDF Michael Theodoulou – Daily Mail March 18, 2011

Iran Unveils New Anti-Cruise System PDF 04 May 2010 10

Iran, Russia to Boost Defense Cooperation PDF FARS 2009-02-15

PLAIN FACTS ABOUT IRAN’S MILITARY PDF by Eric Margolis July 15, 2008

Iran Shows Its Cards PDF by Scott Ritter July 14, 2008

Iran has acquired a new sniper riffle, anti-tanks and helicopter rocket launchers PDF The Associated Press November 4, 2006

Interview with Iran's Chief of Staff: Iran's Military Capabilities Video

Iran To Stage Massive Gulf Military Maneuver PDF By: fromP?rtugal on: 30.03.2006


Iran newly developed smart bomb called 'Ghadr' is a guided optical bomb

Iran Shows off New Smart Bomb PDF TEHRAN, Oct 9, 2007

Iran to Start Production of Smart Bombs Tomorrow PDF FARS News Agency 2007-08-25


Defense Minister: Iran manufactures hypersonic kinetic anti-tank shells PDF Trend 21.05.2011

Iran to make long-range artillery ammo PDF PressTV Aug 29, 2010


RQ170 drone

RQ170 Sentinel drone plane

Iran shows intercepted CIA drone unscathed (VIDEO) 08 December, 2011

Iran's KOLCHUGA antenna device passively detects stealth planes 800 Km away

Iran Hits American Satellite PDF December 17, 2011

Iran's KOLCHUGA antenna device passively detects stealth planes 800 Km away PDF By: sealion on: 22.09.2006

Iran Manufactures Laser Defense Warning System PDF

New Electronic Equipment to be Deployed in 'Blow of Zolfaqar' War Games PDF 2006-08-20

Iran says ready to combat electronic warfare PDF Sat Mar 4, 2006


Israel And Iran Scramble In The Shadows PDF December 16, 2008


Surface-To-Surface 'Saeqeh' (Thunder) Missiles

Most Iranian missiles are designed and produced in Iran

Kh-55 land-attack cruise missile: (13 September 2006) Tehran is believed to have acquired up to 12 Raduga Kh-55 land-attack cruise missiles

Qader Missile

Iran Qader missile

Iran test fires battleship-sinking missile PDF By Adrian Blomfield 2 Jan 2012

'Shahin' smart missile system has a range of more than 40 kilometers

'We are not in the habit of warning more than once': Iran tells U.S. not to send aircraft carrier back to gulf after missile test PDF By Wil Longbottom 3rd January 2012

Iran Placing Medium-Range Missiles in Venezuela; Can Reach the U.S. PDF by Anna Mahjar-Barducci December 8, 201

Iran test fires new missile Qiam 1 (Rising) PDF PressTV Aug 20, 2010

China Opens Missile Plant In Iran PDF April 23, 2010

Iran boosts air defenses with new missile system PDF 12/04/2010

Iran starts mass-producing 2 new missiles PDF 06 Feb 2010

Iran Tests Advanced Missile As ‘Deterrent’ Against Foreign Attack PDF By politicaltheatrics December 17, 2009

Security and Defense: Israel goes ballistic PDF By YAAKOV KATZ Sep 10, 2009

Iran mass produces new ground-to-air guided missile By: Press TV + reuters on: 06.06.2009

Iran Builds Long-Range Anti-Aircraft System PDF FARS 2009-02-11

Iran builds S-300-style anti-aircraft PDF 11 Feb 2009 19:23:06 GMT

Iran test-fires long-range missile capable of hitting Israel PDF By Carolynne Wheeler in Jerusalem 09/07/2008

S-300 air defense systems to be supplied to Iran by Russia PDF By: fromP?rtugal on: 26.12.2007

Iran warns it can fire 11,000 rockets in one minute if attacked PDF By: Ria Novosti on: 20.10.2007

Iran equipped with high-tech missiles PDF 17 Aug 2007

Iran develops new mobile air defense system - national TV PDF 16/ 03/ 2007

Iran announces '2000 km range missiles' PDF Yaakov Lappin 02.11.07

Iran test-fires anti-carrier cruise missile in war games PDF 2007-02-09

Iran tests missiles "able to sink big warships" PDF By Edmund Blair Feb 8, 2007

Iranian armed forces tests modern air defense shield PDF Feb. 7, 2007

Smoking Gun: Iran Already Nuclear Armed with between 6 and 12 nuclear warheads of 200 kilotons each mounted on cruise missiles with 3000 Km range, launchable from land or air... PDF by Sean Osborne, Senior Analyst, Military Affairs Expert 19 March 2005

Iran tests upgraded missile based in Sunburn PDF By: India Defence, Fars News on: 26.08.2006

10 Surface-to-Surface Missiles Launched PDF 2006-08-20

Russian Defense Minister Says Ukraine Supplied Cruise Missiles to Iran, China PDF 30.06.2006

China Arming Iran With Advanced Missile Technology Missiles For Iran And Threats To America PDF By Charles R. Smith 4-20-6

Iran test fires more missiles PDF By: IRNA on: 05.04.2006

Iran Calls Second Missile Test a Success PDF By ALI AKBAR DAREINI TEHRAN, Iran Apr 2, 2006 - The Iranian-made missile has a speed of 223 mph underwater

Iran: Just-tested missile can avoid radar PDFALI AKBAR DAREINI Associated Press Mar. 31, 2006

Iran develops new surface to air missile PDF March 8, 2006


Iran navy produces armed copy of Bladerunner 51 speedboat PDF By Alastair Jamieson 11 Aug 2010

Torpedo launcher boats join IRGC fleet PDF Tue, 10 Aug 2010

Iran to launch submarine in Persian Gulf soon: official PDF August 03, 2010

Advanced submarines to join Iran Navy PDF 23 Nov 2009

Iran begins new submarine production PDF 25 Aug 2008

Iran builds ‘unmanned’ submarine PDF Aug. 13, 2008

Iran to Launch Home-Made Submarine, Destroyer PDF 2007-11-24

Iran Builds Wale Class Submarine PDF 2007-03-06

Iran boosts Persian Gulf presence with locally-made submarine PDF - Iran boosts Persian Gulf presence with locally-made submarine

TEHRAN (AFP) -- Iran's armed forces have deployed a new locally-built submarine in Persian Gulf waters, state television reported Tuesday.
The vessel is named the Nahang, meaning whale, and was "built by specialists in the Iranian defense ministry and has the capability to carry multipurpose weapons for different missions", Rear Admiral Sajjad Kuchaki said.
"The submarine is fully adapted to the Persian Gulf," he said, adding that the Iranian navy was pursuing a policy of deterrence in the strategic waters -- home to the world's largest oil reserves.
No further details on the submarine were given.
Last May state media announced Iran had begun producing its first locally-built submarine. At the time it was called the Ghadir.


China & Iranian-N Korean Nuclear Collusion PDF DEBKAfile 11-14-6

Russian military stalls on reports Ukraine sold warheads to Iran PDF 03/ 04/ 2006


Iran satellite launch signals missile push PDF by Staff Writers Beirut, Lebanon (UPI) Jun 20, 2011

Iran launches satellite into orbit PDF Trend 15.06.2011 - The satellite was fully designed and constructed by Iranian experts

Iran Launches First Home-Produced Satellite PDF 17 Aug, 2008


Iran achieves stealth technology PDF Tehran Times Political Desk March 8, 2006